Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Jay!

He Has Lost His Baby Ways

Not long, alas! Not long; the mother-heart
Knows well how quickly she will have to part
With all this wonder; she who tries each art
To lure him on; the first to coax and praise
Each added grace; then first in sore amaze
To mourn that he has lost his baby ways!

~Alice Wellington Rollins

Thursday, October 1, 2009

SWTC Warehouse Sale

Last weekend (Friday and Saturday), SWTC had its annual warehouse sale. Of course, I had to go. They had a selection of their lovely yarns on sale for $10-$20 per bag. I didn't get some of everything, but I did make quite a haul.

When I went last year, I fell in love with the Craft yarn from the Vickie Howell Collection. It is a blend of cotton and milk fiber, and is quite soft. It was included in the sale again this year, so I picked up 5 bags.
Craft in Sandi (burgundy), Adina (black), and Carol (white).

I also found myself unable to resist picking up some Therapi. There were only these 2 colors available, and I usually don't use these colors, but it is so nice that I had to get it anyway. It is a blend of Bowlder (Jadite) fiber, fine wool, and silk. The color on the label didn't match the colors on the website, so I'm just calling these Mustard and Terracotta.
Therapi in "Mustard" and "Terracotta"

I also picked up a bag of Rock from the Vickie Howell Collection in Jonas (a fantastic blend of blue, gray, and black) at the request of Jay, who I very recently taught to knit. He's working on a scarf with it, but also requested one of the bags of Craft in Carol. Of course I said yes.
Rock in Jonas and Craft in Carol

Though I didn't get any, they also had Gianna, Vegas, Inspiration, some novelty bamboo, and some single balls (no bags) of Love.

In the end, I got 8 bags of yarn - that's 80 balls - for the amazing price of $1/ball.
The entire haul - Craft, Rock, and Therapi

I love this sale.