Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm Back

 Welcome friends!

I've really been missing blogging, so I've decided to come back.

I had a busy summer, mostly in ferrying my son about for golf classes, events, and tournaments.  He did very well, by the way, with a ranking of 50 out of 192 (not bad for only playing for 2 yrs.), and winning the Gary Walker Memorial Tournament, as well as the long drive and closest to the hole competitions.  Now he's playing for the golf team at school, and they have won their first match.  I'm such a proud mama!

When not playing taxi, or golfing myself, I've been busy crafting.  And there has been a lot of crafting.  I'll be sharing the details of everything I've been creating in the coming days.  I've also been doing an astonishing amount of reading, and I must say that I love the "Free Fridays" at Barnes and Noble, and I still love my Nook.

We're finally getting our back yard landscaped, which will also be making an appearance here.  I cannot wait to have this done -- it's been 4 years, and that is plenty long enough.

And now that the evenings are getting longer again, I'm anxiously awaiting the return of temperatures that allow me to spend more than 5 minutes a day outside.  Seriously, whoever said "Well, at least it's a dry heat" should be required to spend the monsoon season down here.  Even though it's been one of the driest monsoon seasons I've experienced in the 17 yrs. I've lived here, it's still a very unpleasant thing.  The dust storms have been pretty impressive, too.