Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gentlemen (and Ladies), Start Your, er, Pedals?!?

The Tour de France got started today, and that means that the Tour de Fleece did, too.

I'm participating in 3 teams this year:
Peleton 2010
Sprinters 2010  and
Team Sasquatch

My goal is to spin every day, making yarns I want to work with.  In lace weight, of course.

These are the fibers I have selected to work on this year:

This is 4 oz. of baby alpaca that I have washed and hand carded.  The recommendation I received was to spin alpaca dirty.  This fleece was so filthy, with an unbelievable amount of vegetable matter (even AFTER washing and carding), and was bleeding color so badly, that that just wasn't an option.

6 oz. of merino roving.  Soft, natural, and lovely.

2.4 oz. of mystery fiber that I think I was told is alpaca combed top.

8 oz. of beautiful, soft, lustrous, wonderful, and yummy Tussah silk top.

6 oz. of bamboo top.  This was the last of a supply that was had at an LYS, and will never be offered again.  I was told their supplier had a bunch of it catch on fire (bamboo is HIGHLY flammable) during the dyeing process, so they decided not to dye bamboo anymore.  I will add the finished singles (I am keeping this one as singles) to the hanks I'd previously spun, and am hoping it will be enough for a sweater.  We'll see.

I only have projects in mind for the green alpaca and the bamboo, but I love lace weight yarn, and knitting lace, so I imagine it won't be terribly difficult to figure something out for all of it.

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