Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer Vacation, Part 2

We left Coupeville, headed for the Lavender Wind Farms. The scenery along the drive was beautiful, and the company excellent, so we managed miss our turn. Thankfully we didn't get too lost, arriving at our destination with plenty of time to explore.

The fields of lavender were very pretty, but I must admit I preferred the flower beds.

Everything there seems to grow so effortlessly - or at least the gardener makes it seem so.

The calla lilies are a personal favorite. The little orange flowers grow everywhere in Washington. If only the weeds that grew here were half as lovely.

These little beauties made me wonder how being called a wallflower is a bad thing.

We did a bit of shopping - Pam bringing home some plants, and me some tea, lavender for cooking, and plenty of recipes.

Our last stop was for ice cream at a little roadside café. It was delicious. We then called it a day and headed back home for some supper and a soak in the hot tub. A wonderful day.

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