Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Summer Vacation, Part 3

The next day we took a driving tour to look at the historic homes and buildings in Anacortes. We stopped by Ana Cross Stitch where I was able to purchase some Austermann Step and Louet Gems Fingering yarns for socks. They also had a selection of rovings that tempted me greatly, but with further shopping on the agenda, I didn't bring any of them home. I should have. It was the only shop we went to that had rovings.

We then headed into La Conner, which is just across a short bridge from Fidalgo Island on the mainland. The downtown historic area was bustling, and finding parking was a bit of a challenge, but we made it and started exploring. One of our first stops was the yarn shop Jennings Yarn & Needlecrafts. They had a pretty good selection of yarns, but nothing I felt I MUST have, so we went away empty handed. Then we stopped and had lunch at a packed eatery. The food was good, and, though I had tea, I was told the coffee was excellent. More shopping came next, and this is where we found the bookstore. There were quite a few books of local interest, and one on the native flora made it's way home with us. There were many special interest shops selling everything from olives to teddy bears. It was fun to browse, and Pam especially liked the olive shop. One of the curiosities in the town was a giant log slice leaning up against a building. There was no information on it about why it was there or where it came from, but boy was it huge!

We headed back home to compare notes with the men, who arrived back before us. They had gone sailing, spending the night moored at Spencer's Spit. They did a bit of exploring in the dinghy, and after a night of rough seas, returned home. Jordan got to steer the boat back the entire way, and did a very good job of it.

Personally, I think that we women had more fun!

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