Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring in the Desert

So many people seem to have this picture in their minds of the desert as a burning wasteland, with, maybe, an occasional cactus. Perhaps there is a desert somewhere that fits that stereotype, but here in the Sonoran desert, there is so much more. Especially in spring.

There is Texas Sage with its pretty purple flowers

Ruellia "Katie" has lovely purple blooms as well

Palo Verde trees, with their yellow blooms and green trunks

*Rant 1: Though not in this picture, there are lamps that line the sidewalk you see in the above picture. They help to provide safe usage of the area regardless of the time of use. Parents, before you turn your children (or yourselves!) loose with a BB gun, make sure you let them know that lights such as this are not for target practice. The loss of light, as well as the broken glass debris create a safety hazard where none need be. And lest you think I'm randomly singling out BB gun owners, the perpetrators left little copper BBs in the debris. /rant

Red yucca (and some seemingly indestructible weeds)

Fairy dusters that are always in bloom

Ocotillo, with their bright orange blooms and sharp spines

Bougainvillea's beautiful pink "blooms" (they're not true flowers)

Oleander, too.

Anything but barren, don't you think?

And finally a gratuitous shot of my walking and photo shoot companion, Gypsy.

*Rant 2: If you're going to bring your dog with you on walks, be responsible and PICK UP AFTER THEM! Nobody else wants the presents they leave behind. /rant

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