Monday, June 29, 2009



The belief on which this is founded I have often heard expressed by an old neighbour of Grasmere.

SWIFTLY turn the murmuring wheel!
Night has brought the welcome hour,
When the weary fingers feel
Help, as if from faery power;
Dewy night o'ershades the ground;
Turn the swift wheel round and round!

Now, beneath the starry sky,
Couch the widely-scattered sheep;--
Ply the pleasant labour, ply!
For the spindle, while they sleep,
Runs with speed more smooth and fine,
Gathering up a trustier line.

Short-lived likings may be bred
By a glance from fickle eyes;
But true love is like the thread
Which the kindly wool supplies,
When the flocks are all at rest
Sleeping on the mountain's breast.

William Wordsworth, 1812

I've been completely enraptured by spinning lately. I finished spinning the silk/linen blend,

but fear that there will not be enough yarn to do the Triangle Summer Shawl. I may give it a try anyway, and just get more fiber to spin if I run out. It was very enjoyable to spin, and just seemed to want to be spun into yarn.

Now that it's done, I've moved on to spinning up the baby camel fiber that Jenny gave me for my birthday last year.

It's like a downy cloud that spins up so easily, and, camels being desert dwellers, I had heard that it was not as insulating a fiber as wool, alpaca, or yak. I'm finding this to be true, though there is, of course, a degree of insulating ability. I really enjoy spinning this, and think I may have to add it to my stash of fibers that I just keep on hand.

I haven't decided how many plies it will end up being, but as of now, I'm leaning toward a 4-ply. I guess we'll see how it goes.

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