Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Yesterday, Jordan and I went to see Up! Normally we don't go to the theater to watch movies being, instead, content to wait for them to come out on video. But it is summer, Jordan had been working hard and doing well with his responsibilities, it looked like a cute movie, and I had heard many good things about it, so I thought, "why not?'. Plus it had an adorable, animated, talking dog - who could resist that?

This was indeed a good movie. It's the story of a man and the love of his life, the great adventure they plan to take, and how life moves along more quickly than we ever plan on it doing. It's also about integrity and keeping promises made - a reminder our society can certainly use. Mostly, though, it's about not missing the adventure, and friendships, you already have while waiting on your big plans or looking to the past. For an especially good synopsis and review check out POParitaville.

At times poignant, funny, sweet, and just plain cute, it makes another winner for Disney/Pixar. I laughed out loud, I nearly cried, and left happy that I'd seen it. If you haven't yet seen it, check it out.

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