Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Busy September

Well, I got back into this thinking I was finally going to have plenty of time to do it.  Was I ever wrong.

Over Labor Day weekend (I hope everyone had a great one!), I spent a lot of time on the links.  My game is finally starting to improve after being wrecked by the lesson I took, but it's still nothing great.  In addition, Jay and I went to a local Christian music festival.

The concerts were free and the acts were generally mediocre, but it was a fun way to spend an evening.

The groups that had the best musicianship were the ones whose style of music was my least preferred. Even so, they definitely had some skill.

The dancers that performed between sets were the best part of the entire festival.  Truly lovely.

Unfortunately, Jay lost his glasses at the event.  Who would take prescription eyewear that belongs to someone else?!?  We did get them replaced, but he's not nearly as happy with the replacement pair.

Jay has competed in 3 golf tournaments for the school team, and has won all of his matches.  Most of his teammates have as well, so they are currently undefeated -- Go Spartans!!

I am fortunate that I have been able to attend them all, and that it's been worth the drive.  One interesting fact that I discovered is that south of Tucson, on I-19, the distance markers and signage (except for the speed limit signs) all switches over from miles to kilometers.  It is the only place in America that I have seen metric used on all the signs.  Guess it's a good thing I paid attention to that portion of math class. ;)

When we bought our home, it came with the "builder's special" backyard landscaping -- there was none. 

To correct this, we contracted with Epifini Landscaping, Inc. to have our backyard done.  Our plan was simple -- a few raised beds, some trees, and a large patch of grass.  Epifini was only to put in the hardscaping, the sod, irrigation, and dig the holes for the trees, and they did an excellent job.  And despite the fact that we were not their only, or even one of their largest, customers, they always treated us as if we were.  I highly recommend them. 

Since we have to stay off the grass for at least two weeks, though, I won't be able to fill and plant the raised beds 'til then.  The trees are on order, but won't be in until at least January, so I'll get to plant them, too.  The pups are anxious to run and play on the grass in the sprinklers, but are being very good about staying off the grass at our request.  Thankfully, there is a dog park in town to run in, and walking trails through the neighborhood.

I'm working on a secret project, and, since there is a deadline on that, it's filling most of my time and is almost completed.  I've also got another deadline project to replace it when I finish, and the yarn comes in.  There are also several fun projects on my needles, but sadly, they are being neglected for the time being.  So, I'll get back to filling you all in on projects already completed...next time.

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