Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Summer Vacation, Part 4

Wednesday we stayed close to home -- relaxing, running errands, and of course, hiking in Washington National Park.

One of the first things we saw along the trail was this giant slug on the side of the trail. This was not a particularly large specimen, but was still the largest slug that I have ever seen.

Shortly thereafter we came upon this unusual tree. It grows out of the side of a little cliff overlooking Puget Sound, but instead of growing up, it grows out over the beach towards the water.

Some of the trail is more open with views of the water, and some is more shaded. As we walked along the more shaded areas we saw the cycle of life vividly portrayed by some of the trees. There are many large tree stumps which have other trees growing out of them. The visibility of the root system was so neat to see.

This particular trail follows along one edge of Fidalgo Island, and below you see the view of Puget Sound from the other (south) side of the island.

One of the last sights we saw on our hike was this monument which commemorates the donation of a park "by T.H. Havekost - Pioneer of 1871".

The trail is 2 1/4 mi. and was a very pleasant hike. The day was capped off with barbecued hamburgers, chips, and salad.

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