Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sherbet Socks

So, I finished the clues for the stole KALs I was working on, but didn't feel like moving on to more lace right away. Instead of working on my Galveston Shawl (which has been languishing ever since I started the stoles), I started a pair of socks.

Most of the socks I'd knitted were made out of wool. Well, when you live in the desert, having wool on your feet during the summer is NOT a pleasant experience. Because of this, a while back I purchase several balls of sock yarn that were primarily made of cotton. These socks were made from one of those balls of yarn.

The yarn is Sockotta in the 505 colorway, and they are knit on Knit Picks size 1 (2.5 mm) dpns. The colors remind me of rainbow sherbet and so that is what I've named these. Even though they are simple toe-up, short row heel, stockinette socks, I had to restart these 5 times before I was finally accepting of the way they were working out.

The first time I wasn't happy with the way the color repeats were going, so I checked the ball band. The recommended needle size was a US size 2, so I frogged and started again with 2s. Not only did this not help with the color repeats, the guage was way too loose. Thinking this would improve if I started with a smaller needle and gradually worked up to the 2s, I started again, this time with US size 0. I gradually worked my way back up to the 2s. It didn't help. So I decided to just go back to the 1s. I started again, but the gauge was just as loose as before -- maybe even worse! I kept on, telling myself it would get better. It didn't. I checked my needles again, and it turns out I had grabbed my US size 3s instead of the 1s. Back to the frog pond. I got started again with the 1s, and though I still don't love the way the color repeats are going, I'm happy with the gauge of the fabric. And I'm NOT starting again.

Monday, October 6, 2008

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Aprés-Ski Kerchief

A while ago I purchase the Georgian Sampler from Knit Picks. I love the colors. I love the yarns. I do not love the patterns that came with them. This left me with 6 balls of yarn I love, but didn't know what to do with, so they were set aside, added to my stash. Last week I embarked on a mission to get my UFOs completed and my stash better organized. During this organizing I rediscovered my Sampler pack. I took the package out and fondled the yarn; still love them. I took out the patterns; still do not love them. I was ready for a new project, having taken care of most of my UFOs, and this was the yarn I wanted to use. What to make? I grabbed a few of my books and began flipping through them. I opened Handknit Holidays by Melanie Falick and was nearing the end, when I saw the Aprés-Ski Kerchief. I had been wanting to make this, and since it only required one ball, I knew this would be perfect for one of my Sampler yarns. But which one? In the end I chose the ball of Crayon. I modified the pattern just a bit, making I-cord ties and edging. I love it, even if it's not one of Scott's favorites.
Aprés-Ski Kerchief

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stash Prevention

When I completed the birthday outfit for Jasmine, I found myself with several extra balls of yarn. Normally any left over yarn that I have gets added to my stash until I find a project that I wish to make with it. Not this time.

Knit/crochet baby blanket

This yarn is so soft that I decided that it would be perfect for a baby blanket. Then I rummaged through my stash and came up with a couple of balls of Patons Beehive Baby Sport in Angel White -- just what I needed for the edging. I did a very simple crocheted on lace edge et voilà! A blanket even Linus would approve of.

Jenny Socks

Jenny Socks, View 2, Contest Socks

As some of you may know, I've been working on a pattern for the Think Outside the Sox contest being run by XRX.

Well, the socks are done, the pattern is being checked over for errors, and I'm hoping to get everything sent off this weekend.

The name for this pattern came about when I went on a yarn crawl in Tucson with a couple of Knitwits -- Jenny and Ruby. When we stopped at Kiwi Knitting, there was an advertisement posted for the contest, and when Jenny saw it, she encouraged me to enter and volunteered to test knit the pattern for me. Now, I'd had several design ideas floating around in my head, but never put anything down on paper. Jenny gave me the nudge I needed to finally get at least one of them done, so the socks are named in her honor. Thanks Jenny!

Jenny Socks, View 1, Contest Socks

Secret of the Stole III, Hint 7

Just finished hint 7 this morning.
I also realized this morning that there are only 2 more hints before this is finished. The time is going by so quickly!

Mystery Stole 4, Clue 4

Clue 4 is done. I thought, after seeing how the design was turning out after this clue, that the theme was going to be a Japanese tea ceremony. Boy was I wrong. Georgina posted the theme this week, and it turned out to be (drum roll please) Serendipity. I never would have guessed that, yet I love it just the same.

It's Been A Long Time

I'm shocked at how quickly time has passed, and how long it has been since I've updated. It seems that I've been wrapped up in the minutiae of life -- nothing really note worthy, but keeping me busy just the same.

The change of season seems to have affected me, even though it is still in the upper 90's and 100's here. I've been doing a lot of baking and nesting, and working to complete projects I'd started. I've managed to complete several knitting projects that have been languishing (some for several months), and am working on getting the rest of my UFOs completed within the next couple of weeks. I'll be posting photos and info about them as I'm able.

Jordan is doing a fabulous job at putting his photography class to good use. He's even teaching me how to use my camera to better effect.