Saturday, May 9, 2009

Baby Squares

A couple of my friends are currently pregnant, and so a group of us are making blankets for them. Not the usual baby blanket size blankets, but twin size personal blankets that can grow with the children.

The first blanket we are all working in primary colors using Caron Simply Soft in Red, Lemonade, and Dark Country Blue. We are each making squares that are approx. 12", and one lovely woman has volunteered to attach them all together. I did two squares.

My first square, I decided, was an excellent opportunity to try my hand at entrelac. I'd always been intrigued by the look of the fabric, but a little hesitant to believe it was really as easy as everyone said it was. You know, everyone was right.

Primary colors entrelac square

This was a technique that I really enjoyed doing. I love the way the fabric looks, and I will definitely be doing another project that uses entrelac at some point.

My second block I decided to go with a geometric intarsia pattern that I designed.

geometric blocks square

It turned out to be colorful, bright, cheerful, bold, modern - and I love it. It was fun to watch it come together as I was knitting it, and I'm very pleased with the finished product. It also moved me to figure out how to knit backwards, since turning with 5 active bobbins of yarn was a bit of a tangling nightmare.

And speaking of tangling nightmares, look at the lovely work you get when your puppy decides to help you with your knitting:

We were NOT amused. I swear it took me 5 hours to get that mess undone. What's worse, I apparently didn't learn my lesson very well because while I was cleaning this up, I had left my knitting bag on the floor, and my puppy stole a second ball of yarn to play with.

*Sigh* Here's hoping I finally figured out that I need to keep ALL of the knitting out of the puppy's reach ALL of the time.


dnaprice said...

The squares look terrific. The blanket is going to be gorgeous

Brenda M. said...

Thanks! :)