Monday, November 9, 2009

Allocation of Resources

I've been finding lately that time really is a finite resource. Not that it hasn't always been, or that I haven't realized it before now, but rather that this resource seems to be stretched more thinly than ever lately.

And all of that to say simply that I haven't been able to make the time to post regularly like I had planned to.

So what's eating up my time? Well, rather a lot actually.

I've been working on some knitted gifts, projects for Knit Picks, sock designs - which I hope to be uploading to the sidebar soon, and some lovely lace. I've also finished some projects, some of which I can't yet talk about, but a couple that I can. The Galveston Shawl is done, blocked (mostly), and the ends are woven in. It also, happily, goes very well with both my new and old favorite dresses. The Arizona Thermal socks are also completed, and I hope to be doing a post about them when I post the pdf. I also made a Calorimetry as a relaxation project after finishing a couple of the larger projects I'd been working on. Photos on all of these to come later.

In addition, my husband and I recently celebrated 16 years of marriage. We decided to go big this year and stayed at a local resort for the golf package. We also included Jay in the festivities, and were even able to bring Gypsy along.

The two October birthdays we celebrate were quieter family affairs this year, but very enjoyable. Mine was filled with lots of fiber-y goodness and golf, which was just what I wanted, and Jay got all golf goodness, which is just what he'd wanted, so everyone was happy.

I've also been participating in the 52 in 52 challenge this year, and found myself falling a bit behind. That situation has now been remedied, however, and I am even a little ahead now.

Everything else continues to move along at its usual hectic pace, so at least I've got some consistency in that. Now if only I could find the brakes to slow this crazy train a little all would be well.

I'll keep searching.

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