Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Last June I spun up a lovely linen/silk blend that I had purchased at Tempe Yarn and Fiber with the intent of turning the yarn into the Triangle Summer Shawl from Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush, but feared that I wouldn't have enough for the project.   Well, I was right.  I only had 380 yds. of yarn, and the pattern called for more than 1000.  This meant I had to go shopping.  It's a hard life, I know. ;)

On Saturday I stopped by Tempe Yarn and Fiber to get some more of the fiber.  They had two 2 oz. packs of it, so I snapped them both up.  This should be enough to make the shawl. 

Of course I had to look at the other pretty fibers while I was there, and that necessitated the purchase of this: 

It's 2 oz. of soy silk fiber.  It's soft and silky like bamboo and I've never worked with it before so I'm looking forward to seeing what it becomes.

And because I believe it's important to support as many yarn stores as possible, I also went to The Fiber Factory, where I picked this up:

12 oz. of fabulous tussah silk.  (Sigh)  I LOVE silk!

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