Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Girls Day Out

One of the things I've missed since I moved is being able to spend time with my friends in the city.  To help remedy the situation, a friend and I got together over New Year's weekend for some sushi and a movie.

We went to lunch at Takamatsu, and it was so much fun because my friend had never had sushi before.

 California Rolls and Nigiri sushi with wasabi and pickled ginger

We didn't just stick to the California rolls either (although we did have some) - we also had nigiri and sashimi.

Sashimi with wasabi and pickled ginger

The entire time she kept saying "I can't believe I'm eating sushi." which I could relate to because I had the same reaction my first time too.  Once you get past the mental stumbling block of eating raw meat, you realize that the flavor is excellent.  Funny thing was that the only things that had cooked fish in them (the California rolls) were her least favorite things.

Then we went to see New Moon.  I've read all the books, and I'll admit I've got some issues with the plot, even setting aside my disbelief.  However, if I completely check my brain at the door, they can make for some okay mindless entertainment.  And so can the movies, although I really thought the first adaptation was not good at all.  The second adaptation was better, the cinematography was too, and I think the performances of the actors were a little better as well.  I'm not saying I'll add it to my list of favorites, but it was okay.

Our final stop was the nursery to shop for some roses for my friend's garden.  I love the way that nurseries smell.  I also tend to get very grandiose ideas about a garden of my own, but reality always kicks in and the plants, unless they're houseplants, never make it home with me.  Maybe it's all that oxygen being generated by the plants.   Anyway, we were able to find some that were on her list, and then I headed back to tiny town.

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