Monday, January 11, 2010

Oscar Meyer Muffin Sweater

I finished and delivered the second baby sweater I was working on. 

Its the Oscar Meyer Muffin Sweater.

The yarn is Mary Maxim Starlette in Medium Willow and Chocolate, and so very soft.

The design was improvised - I decided I wanted to use the herringbone stitch pattern, then that it was to be a cardigan, I wanted it seamless with knitted on sleeves, added in some buttons, and a baby sweater was born.

What an adorable baby!  Welcome to our world little Oscar.


Jenny said...

Oscar is very, very grateful for the beautiful and super soft sweater. I get compliments on it every time he wears it!

Thank you again, Brenda. I feel so lucky to have something made by you.

Brenda M. said...

Thanks Jenny! I'm so glad you like it.

But just so you know, the complements are because he is so adorable, and he makes the sweater look good. :)