Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Non-Fiber Crafting

I'm not a huge collector of things.  Mostly, having a lot of things causes me to feel stressed out.  One of the exceptions is tea things. 

I have at least 1/2 dozen teapots, approximately 30 teacups of varying style and design, several sugar bowls and creamer pitchers, decorative spoons for mixing them in, tea strainers of various size and type, and an art deco style tea cart.  Almost all of these things have sentimental value, being either inherited or gifts, but I love to use them just as much as I enjoy looking at them.  One thing I don't have, though, is a tray to carry and serve the tea from.  Until now, that is.

Several years ago I purchased several wooden trays to decorate.  All but two of them had been done and gifted to others.  Well, one day in February I decided I needed to do some crafting that wasn't fiber related, and when I opened my craft supply cupboard, the remaining trays were waiting.

When I was working on these before, it never took more than a week to go from start to finish, so I figured this would be the perfect break project.  I popped in a cassette (yes, I still have AND use them ;)) and we got to work.

Using acrylic craft paint, I started by laying a base coat of "ivory" down over the entire thing.  Then I decided the sides would be painted one of my favorite colors: green.  I chose the "grass" shade.  The color was dark, but translucent, so it looked multi-shaded.  Not the look I was going for.  I managed to convince myself that all it really needed was another coat.  Or two.  When that didn't work, I set the project down and walked away for a while.

About the start of April, I decided I really needed to get the project done.  Since the "grass" wasn't working for me, I changed it to "ivy", and 3 quick drying coats later that was done.  I added another two layers of "ivory" to the base and the painting was completed.  A quick rummage in my craft cupboard turned up some decorative decals that went perfectly with the paint scheme, so on they went.  And then it got set aside again because of Easter, and the company we had.

Two weeks ago I determined to get it finished.  I took out my spray can of polyurethane and got to spraying.  Or rather, I TRIED to.  The spray was very uneven and sparse.  I tried everything I could think of to get it going better, and eventually got it to where it was at least usable.  I used three light coats, with a gentle sanding with very fine sand paper between each.  And am very happy with the results.

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