Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Suede Shoes

I didn't go into the store looking for shoes, but since I was already there... Well, you know how that happens.  Another fabulous find at Kohl's.

At first I only saw one of these shoes.  I liked it a lot, but couldn't find its mate.  I'd given up and was walking out of the aisle when, there it was, the missing shoe!  I tried them on and they were MY SIZE!  One of only 2 pairs left.  Unbelievably comfortable, especially with a heel that high.


Again, found in the clearance section at 90% off.  That means the sale price was... $6.99!  I also had a coupon to take an additional 15% off (down to $5.94) and some Kohl's cash earned on an earlier shopping trip, making my final price, including tax:


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