Saturday, June 26, 2010

Swap the Seasons, June Edition

Yesterday when I went to my mailbox, I had a wonderful surprise awaiting me.  A box from my swap partner!

I ripped off the brown paper wrapping and lifted the lid to see this:

I took out the envelope

and opened it up to see the cutest card ever!

I then took out the small brown box in the center on the top and opened it to find, carefully wrapped in golden tissue paper,
Wollemeise 100% Merino Superwash fingering weight wool!  The color is stunning and one of my favorites, and the yarn is sooo soft!  I've heard a lot about Wollemeise, but never experienced it before, and I must say it is, indeed, as lovely as I'd heard.

There was another box underneath that when opened revealed

An adorable Lantern Moon sheep that is really, when its tail is pulled,
And a beautiful red Chinese take-out box from Summit Tea Company filled with 
the most beautiful and delicious smelling Jasmine Blooming Tea.  

Most of my favorite books are 18th and 19th Century British and American literature, and among them, I have a soft spot for Jane Austen's writing.  Especially Pride & Prejudice.  I am, therefore, really looking forward to getting started on this book.  Perhaps with a cup of Jasmine Blooming Tea.

Finally I took out the pretty purple box and found it to be
GreenAir Lilac Blossom scented reed diffuser.  I love the smell of lilacs - they remind me of my Grandma K., and the many happy hours I spent at her home as a child.  Perfect!

As you can see, my swap partner spoiled me yet again.  I have been truly blessed to have been partnered with such a wonderful and thoughtful person.

So, who was it?  margokp!

Thank you so much!


annmarie said...

the box just arrived, my dear swap partner, so of course I had to come right over and check out your blog! what a fabulous box of loveliness! thank you so very much!!

Brenda M. said...

I'm so glad you liked it! It was so much fun being your swap partner.