Tuesday, June 15, 2010


With the weather heating up, I haven't been doing as much knitting lately.  Instead, I've been spinning.

It's done!

I finished the plying on Saturday,

and wound it off the bobbin and onto my niddy noddy, ready to set the spin.

Since I also had several hanks of different yarns waiting to have their spin set I added them in too.

The end result:

Linen/Tussah Silk blend, two-ply laceweight, 32 wpi, 764.5 yds.

Ashland Bay Colonial wool (in maroon), Navajo plied (3-ply) DK weight, 13 wpi, 328.16 yds.

Camel down, 4-ply cable plied DK weight, 13 wpi, 58.6 yds.

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