Monday, January 30, 2012

Visits and Travel

Last week made it impossible to be on the computer for more than a handful of minutes.

Scott had a business trip to Dubai (I'm so jealous!), and the day he left, my dad arrived to stay for the week.

Scott's trip went well, I'm very happy to have him home again, and I'm so grateful for Skype. It enabled us to talk every day without breaking the bank, and the quality of the calls were amazing. It's also where all of my computer time went.

It was lovely to see and spend time with my dad, and I'm happy he came. He's been considering moving here, so we went and looked at some homes for sale. He didn't find anything that would work, and I honestly don't think he'll be moving, after all.

Things are finally getting back to normal around here now, and I have some project updates that I'm excited to be able to share about this week.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Monday!

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