Friday, November 4, 2011

Solving the A/C Problem

The company that my DH works for expanded into another building a few months ago.  Because of what my DH does, he needed an office in the new building.  The A/C system is set up so that one thermostat controls the temperature of several offices, which might not be a huge problem except for one thing:  the person who controls the thermostat is ALWAYS cold, so she keeps it set rather high.  In Arizona.  Where it gets obscenely hot.  So, my DH was constantly overheating or battling over the temperature.

Now, I've offered several times to knit something for my DH.  He's only once taken me up on the offer, and that was for a pair of felted clogs, which he still has and are in excellent condition.  Well, he took me up on the offer again, this time asking for a shawl for the woman he's been battling over the A/C settings. 

We immediately went stash diving, and I pulled out some SWTC Vicky Howell Collection Love in the Peter & Mary Jane colorway, as the co-worker's favorite color is red.  I then went in search of a pattern and found the Drops 113-35 pattern from Garnstudio/Drops Design, which was perfect except for the X-O lace patterning at the bottom.  I decided to knit it anyway, omitting the lace pattern at the bottom, and using the amount of yarn I had (10 balls) to determine the length.

It's a simple garter stitch shawl that starts at the neck edge, with a lovely lace border around the perimeter that is created by double yarnovers for the increases.  As with all of the Garnstudio/Drops Designs patterns I have knit, the instructions are clear and error free.  I highly recommend their patterns.

I washed, blocked, wove in the ends, and photographed the shawl, and have sent it off to work with my DH.  I just hope it works.

Pattern Name: Drops 113-35
Designer: Drops Design
Pattern Source:
Yarn: Vicky Howell Collection by SWTC, LOVE (70% bamboo/30%silk) in Peter & Mary Jane
Needles: Knit Picks Options US 7/4.5 mm

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