Monday, November 14, 2011

A Spinning Project

Quite a while ago, I purchase the book The Intentional Spinner (without DVD) by Judith MacKenzie McCuin.  Ms. McCuin is widely touted as one of the foremost spinning experts in the country, so her book came highly recommended.

yarn that got seriously over spun when plying

When doing some spinning recently, I realized (yet again) I was very unhappy with the way my plying has been going, and, sometimes, with the way my singles have been spun.  I decided I really need to do something about this, so I am.

bamboo singles

bamboo singles, some of which are over spun

I've gotten my copy of the book out, and am thoroughly going through it.  I am going to use it, coupled with spinning videos on youtube, as an in-depth spinning class.  I've got some plain wool to use for the experimentation and learning, and some fabulous alpaca, silk, yak, camel, and cashmere to work with when I've gained a little more confidence and control.

silk and cashmere



 I can't wait to get started!

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