Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 2: Gift Idea for the Crafter in Your Life

You know those people in your life that are extremely difficult to shop for? Sometimes, it gets made worse if they are crafty (especially if you are not).

One thing you might want to consider for that crafty person is a class in a subject area or technique that they've been wanting to learn. If you're wondering how to find out what that would be, just ask them. Most will end up telling you more than you ever wished to know. ;-)

I would first suggest looking for a class that is local to the recipient, but if you just can't find anything there, there are many online options available.

Day 2:

Craftsy Workshops - Here you'll find a wide variety of classes and subject matter.

Universal Class - Where you earn continuing education credits as you learn your craft.

CraftEdu - An "online art and fine craft university" - but not, as far as I can tell, accredited. They do
                  have a large variety of classes.

The Makery - A couple of makers who decided to create a place where they, and others, could share the
                       crafty goodness.

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Craftsy community, but am otherwise not affiliated with or receiving any payment or benefits from any of the above sites. Furthermore, although I have linked to them, I have not used or taken classes from all of them, so this should not be taken as an endorsement. I'm not saying anything against them either. Do your own research to find out if they are companies you wish to do business with. And Merry Christmas!

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