Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 5: Handmade Gift Tags

Today I'm getting my packages ready to ship. I got the gifts wrapped, but decided I wanted to do something handmade too.  So I made gift tags.

This was, admittedly, one of the easier projects that I've done, however, I don't think that makes them any less lovely.

If you'd like to make them too, you'll need:

The Mrs. Claus's Kitchen Stack from Die Cuts with a View

A glue stick

Scissors or a paper trimmer

Spare piece of paper

Hole punch and ribbon (optional)

Scotch tape (optional)
Inside the Stack, you'll find a sheet that is pre-printed with gift tags. Go ahead and tear that page out. You'll also find a lovely green and red plaid page that you'll want to tear out as well.

Decide which of the tags you want to use, then carefully cut them out, trimming the tear off edge at the top if you use any of those. Using the scissors and a ruler, or the paper cutter, trim the plaid sheet into squares or rectangles that are slightly larger than the tags you will be using (mine were 4"x6" and 4"x4").

Now you've got all of your pieces, but don't put your scissors away yet.

Put down a spare piece of paper to protect your working surface, then place one of the tags face down on it. Using the glue stick, generously cove the entire back of the gift tag. Carefully pick up the tag, trying to get as little glue on yourself as possible, and center it the way you want it to sit on the piece of plaid card stock. Press it firmly on, smoothing across the entire surface to make sure it's well adhered.

Repeat this process until all of your gift tags are made. At this point, you can further trim the cards to the size or shape that you think looks best. Then, if you'd like, just punch a hole with the hole punch, run a bit of ribbon through, and attach to your package. Or you can attach them like I am -- with a bit of Scotch tape. Enjoy!

*I am not in any way affiliated with either Joann's or Die Cuts with a View. 

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