Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 6: The Christmas Spirit

Yesterday I went to the post office to mail my Christmas packages. I didn't have a lot, but there were a couple of fairly large boxes, so my hands and arms were full. As I was walking up to the door, a woman was exiting, but she stopped and waited to open the doors for me. Our post office has a double door entry, and this kind woman stopped what she was doing to go back inside and get the doors for me because my hands were full. She offered to open the interior door to the service counter, too, but I was feeling guilty so I thanked her profusely and said I'd be okay. And I was. As I was approaching the door, a couple was exiting and the gentleman stopped to open the other door for me. While waiting in line, the other people made a little extra room near the counter so I could set my packages down. Amazing.

When December rolls around, I find these types of situations happening quite often. That's one of the most miraculous things about this time of year -- and one I hope to carry through the other 11 months.

Random acts of kindness, generosity, Christmas spirit, or whatever name it goes by -- sharing it with others and being grateful for it is what Day 6 is all about.

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